happy-couple-houseThe following are some of the services provided by our firm:

  • Assist with contract preparation.  After all, the contract controls the entire transaction.  It is essential that it comports with the parties’ understanding of the transaction.
  • Act as escrow agent.  As an attorney owned firm, parties can feel confident that all monies are safe and secure.
  • Examine title to insure marketability of title for each and every transaction.
  • Negotiate short sales through our no fee short sale program. We have helped our clients avoid millions of dollars collectively in potential losses.
  • Represent Sellers throughout the closing process.
  • Represent Buyers in transactions such as REOs or short sales when it is typical for Seller to appoint the closing/title agent.
  • Represent lenders.
  • Assist homeowners with loss mitigation and home preservation efforts.
  • Assist foreign nationals through FIRPTA withholding matters.
  • Assist and facilitate investors with 1031 exchanges.